What are your attitudes...

(about sex?)


Unless sex results in climax or orgasm it is a failure.

All affectionate physical contact must lead to intercourse.

Sexual dissatisfactions and the inability to perform sexually are rare, occurring only in unhealthy relationships.

Masturbation is an inferior and immature form of sexual behavior.

The major factors in determining a woman's sexual response are the size of her partner's penis and how long he can last.

When an individual is in love and sexually satisfied, he or she is never sexually attracted to anyone else.

When couples are in love, there is no need to talk about sex because they automatically know how to please each other sexually.

Sex is something men do TO women.

Sex is something men do FOR women.

Men are always ready and willing to have sex.

Men should initiate all sexual activity.

Men should not express feelings of tenderness and affection.

Women should be passive when it comes to sex.

You should always go along with your partner and have sex even if you are not interested at the moment.

If your partner is not interested, the way to gain cooperation for sex is to win an argument.

The relationship in regard to other things should not have anything to do with whether you are interested in sex.

Sex should be used as a bargaining tool, withheld for revenge, or to gain leverage in a power struggle.

Debate is a good way to obtain sex from your partner.

Below: Select "always," "Often," "Sometimes," "Occasionally," "Never."

1. I feel good about my body.

2. I feel good about the degree of closeness I have with the opposite sex in my life.

3. I think it's OK to masturbate if one chooses to.

4. I am content with my level of sexual activity.

5. I feel comfortable with lookling at myself in the mirror.

6. I feel comfortable touching persons of my own sex.

7. I love myself unconditionally.

8. I experience a desire to grow closer to other people.

9. I am aware of the difference between loving someone and needing someone's love.

10. I am able to love others without dominating or being dominated by them.

11. I am able to love others unconditionally.

12. I experience love for many people and things around me.

13. My sexual education is adequate.