Problems with Smoking

You have been hypnotized to stop smoking, and now, probably, your smoking has been drastically reduced, but you have not completely stopped.

It is important that you be able to identify what is going on. If you can tell me before the next session, I will have more time to select a suggestion which will address your situation.

Some common experiences which people report include:

1. I am afraid if I stop smoking I may gain weight, and I use cigarettes to suppress my appetite.

2. I have had some stress in my life, such as marital conflict, trouble at work, or a death in the family, and I am using cigarettes to calm my nerves.

3. I am frequently depressed, and I use cigarettes to cope with depression.

4. I am often with friends who smoke, and I feel deprived if I don't have one, too.

5. I associate cigarettes with other things, such as coffee, the telephone, TV or driving.

6. I think of my cigarettes as an old friend, and it is hard to say goodbye.

7. I have problems having something to do with my hands, and I use cigarettes to fill that gap.

8. I get bored, and cigarettes give me the feeling I am doing something.

9. My smoking has reduced after the first session, and I want to save the cost of a second session.

(This last one is particularly dangerous. So long as you are still smoking, your usage is bound to go back up in time. Keep in mind that, at two packs a day, you are spending about $300 per month on cigarettes. For the cost of a month's supply, you might be able to save all of that amount, every month for years to come. And that much would pay for six sessions, plus the free session after that.)

10. I didn't completely stop smoking after the first session, so I decided it didn't work.

(I always caution people not to expect clinical hypnosis to work like what they see in the movies, or with an entertainment hypnotist. It isn't a magic trick. It is therapy, and involves a gradual nudging the problem along. Though several sessions are generally required, the cost is far less than you are spending on cigarettes already.) Non-therapist hypnotists can promise the world, because they don't have a code of ethics nor a license to protect.

Please let me know if you have any of these concerns, or if you are aware of any other problem you are experiencing.

One other tip: When you come to be hypnotized, show up wanting a cigarette. That is, don't have a cigarette just before you come.

I will ask you, on a scale of 10, how much are you wanting a cigarette right now? Then, you tap on yourself for about 5 minutes (I'll show you how) and I'll ask you again. Likely, you'll say "Zero."

Then when I hypnotize you, it will be even more effective than it otherwise might have been.

Please see the page "Before You Are Hypnotized," if you have not already.


Discounts: The most common cause of failure is dropping out. After six sessions, the next session will be free. Then, after every three sessions, the next session will be free. (It's likely you won't need the extra sessions, though.)

Here is an interesting website on the subject of smoking. Click on:

For each cigarette you don't smoke, you add 11 minutes to your life.