Hypnotic Suggestions

Insert these at the end of the induction, and before the counting up.

Choose any suggestion, or any combination. In a single episode, choose only a combination of suggestions that are related to one another, around a particular class of behavior.

Once you have completed that task, then make suggestions for other combinations, and then work on the next combination, relating to a type of behavior, until you have finished with that task.

If you think these to yourself, use the word "I." If you record them, use the word "you."

General Suggestions

Every day in every way, I am getting better and better and better.

I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

I love and accept myself where I am right now.

I have a calm and optimistic outlook.

My mind is calm, and I have inner courage.

I respect myself and the way I act.

I now continue to create my inner peace.

I am beautiful and lovable. (Or handsome and lovable.)

I am committed to myself, my goals and my values. I am also committed to those I love.

I am at peace with myself, the world and everyone in it.

I am willing to be happy and successful and I deserve it.

I am kind and loving and I have a great deal to share with others.

I am optimistic and enthusiastic.

I treat myself and others with respect and honesty.

Health suggestions

Self care is my priority for optimal health.

I feel stronger in body and mind.

I deserve ideal health, and to feel good.

Every day in every way, my health and well-being grow stronger.

I am good to my body, and my body is good to me.

I deserve to feel good, and I do.

My positive attitude helps to keep me healthy.

I choose positive thoughts of good health.

I choose to live a healthy lifestyle.

I now see the world as safe and friendly.

I release the pattern that created a bad situation -- I accept healing.

Noticing the beauty in nature heals me.

I deserve to feel good, and I do.

I choose to live a healthy lifestyle.

I move beyond any self-limiting and negative thoughts and emotions.

I choose three moderate meals daily; fruits and veggies are tasty snacks.

Healthy Eating Suggestions

I now choose healthy meals, good exercise and plenty of rest.

I now easily have the self-discipline to choose appropriate portions of healthy foods.

I am free of cravings.

I choose to drink 4 12-oz glasses of water, or 5 10-oz coffee mugs of water each day.

I am easily able to decline harmful substances, including sugar and fats.

I feed my body only healthful portions of healthier foods.

I eat when I am physically hungry, not... in response to emotions.

I honor my body's need for sleep, exercise and appropriate food.

I enjoy the taste of fresh natural foods -- sweet, juicy fruits, crisp, succulent vegetables, healthy proteins and flavorful herbs and spices. I know that fruit juice... is not... a fruit, because it is equivalent to eating a lot of fruit, and all the sugar it contains.

A glass of orange juice may contain the juice and sugar of 10 oranges. You might eat one orange, but not... ten oranges... at one sitting.

I eat slowly, tasting everything fully, savoring every mouthful, feeling every cell in my body being nourished.

Sugar, excessive amounts of salt, and heavy sauces are now un-appealing to me. They seem too sweet, covering up the flavor in food, or too salty, ruining the flavor of the food, or too heavy. I wonder about the fat in the sauce, sticking to my arteries and my heart, and I reject the sauce as un-appealing, and un-attractive.

Small amounts of healthy food make me feel full and satisfied for a long time.

Exercise Suggestions:

Regular exercise is good for my body.

I choose to be more active every day.

Exercise is a way I care for and nourish myself with love and joy.

I now feel better mentally and physically when I exercise regularly.

I release any resistance to an active and vital life.

I now create a new love for physical activity

I choose positive thoughts about exercise.

Exercise is a healthier outlet for any frustrations that can arise in the day.

Every step moves me closer to a lighter, slimmer, healthier and happier body.

I take the stairs whenever I can.

I choose to park farther away and feel energized by my walk.

It is easy to find excuses to add exercise to my day.

My daily exercise is a joyous, welcome experience and I feel great after.

I increase my athletic endurance with every workout.

Exercise is easier and becoming more and more effortless for me.

I am becoming a happier and healthier and physically fit person.

I look forward to walking through the doors of a gym for a refreshing workout.

It feels GREAT to complete a successful workout.

When not exercising, my body repairs itself for greater strength, endurance and stamina.

Physical activity pumps me full of energy.

Every week, I maintain my regular and reasonable workout schedule.

When I breathe hard, energy-giving oxygen is being pumped into my body. I maintain my pace, thinking of my puffing breath as like a steam engine, generating power with every puff.

I inhale air through my mouth until my tongue dries. I inhale through my nose until my tongue and throat are moist again.

Prosperity Suggestions

I deserve abundance, and I enjoy sharing it with others.

I have valuable ideas that generate wealth that I share.

I see opportunities for success for everything that I do.

What I can believe, I can achieve.

I create opportunities for success for myself and others.

I release old patterns within me and I now allow success to be mine.

I am guided to choose the right goals for myself and the highest good of all.

Sleep Suggestions

I will sleep well at bedtime and awaken refreshed in the morning at the time I intended.

I easily go to sleep at the time I choose.

I wake refreshed from my deep and restful sleep.

I am grateful for my growing ability for restful sleep.

The normal sounds around me at night take me deeper into sleep.

If I wake at night, I return to sleep quickly and easily.

It is safe for me to sleep deeply every night. At the same time, I am responsive to a baby's cry,

or sounds of somebody in or around the house, a smoke alarm, or a tornado siren.

Deep sleep restores my immune system into health.

My breathing is regular, consistent and quiet while I sleep.

If for any reason, I should hear snoring, that serves as a signal to sleep even deeper. I open my throat and nasal passage, and continue to sleep deeply like that.

Even in the deepest sleep, I maintain an even, steady flow of oxygen.

I choose calming thoughts as I drift off to sleep.

When I sleep, my thoughts are calm and I am serene.

Both my body and my mind relax as I settle into sleep at night.

As I lie down in bed, my mind relaxes, my body relaxes, and I am calm.

I always awake rested, relaxed and renewed.